No MLS Membership Requirement

Say goodbye to expensive association dues and unused services.

Low Annual Cost and No Hidden Fees

Sponsorship costs just $99 per year.

Generous Referral Fee Splits

Our members start at a 75% payout rate on referral fees.

Optional Broker Matching Service

Our network of residential and commercial brokers spans the nation.

Management with Real Experience

A management team with more than 20 years of experience.


JRE Referral Network

A perfect match for licensees at every stage of their career.

Our members are Illinois-licensed real estate brokers who earn fees by referring future business, including:

  • Experienced brokers with changing career circumstances.

  • Newly-licensed brokers without a sponsoring broker.

  • Multi-state licensees in need of a managing broker in Illinois.

How Referrals Work

From start to finish


Client Identification

The JRERN broker identifies a prospective real estate transaction participant and gathers general information about their requirements.



The referred prospect is matched with an active real estate broker. This can be either someone the member has in mind, or we can assist in matching the prospect with a specialized broker.



A referral agreement is signed between JRERN and the matched broker. We provide all necessary documentation and can assist in completing any fee negotiations.



Upon closing of the real estate transaction, the referral fee is paid by the referred broker to JRERN and, in turn, is split with the member licensee.

Have questions?

Visit our FAQ page for more information.

JRE Referral Network is an Illinois real estate license holding company. Our brokers do not actively participate in real estate transactions, but can earn referral fees by introducing prospects to other licensed real estate brokers. You must be a licensed Illinois real estate broker to join our network. Illinois real estate license number 481.001045. Designated Managing Broker license number 471.010570.